Moving Away from Parents

Moving away for college is very scary, especially after living eighteen years at home with your parents. When I moved into my apartment for school, I cried when my parents, and when I came home, I cried on the way back to school. But moving away from your parents is a good thing.

After living at home for so long, you become dependent on your parents for certain things, whether it be paying for things or making appointments. Once you move away, you’ll be responsible for just about every aspect of your life. It’s scary to think about, but it’s also a good thing. Getting practice at doing ‘adult’ things before you’re technically an adult is great. Grocery shopping and eating healthy is a huge part of this. Eating out and buying unhealthy foods is very tempting, but eating badly can cause you to be sick while also building up your food bill.

While at home, a parent may have reminded you to do your homework or get things done. Once you move out, they’re not there to tell you to clean your room or put away the laundry. Becoming a procrastinator is very easy. But, don’t give in. Getting things done (and also learning new things, such as how to do laundry) is very satisfying.

Even though you want to become more independent, that doesn’t mean you still can’t be dependent. I still call my mom every night to tell her about my day or to tell her a little gossip. But, the biggest thing is, no matter how well you get on with your parents while living at home, you’ll get on even better once you move out. I look forward to the days when I go back to school if I’m at home. I still love my parents, but being independent is great.


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